OWA and the Twilight Zone?


I know I’m putting in too many hours and losing track of time, but either OWA (or FireFox) has lost it’s mind, or I have slipped off to the Twilight Zone…


I went to my calendar to check my class schedule, switched to Day view and got this:


June has been tough, with 4 beta exams, classes and everything else, but that is a bit ridiculous! Three day weeks look good to me, but six week months will be a problem.


Then I heard about SharePoint Conference 2011 and decided to add that to my schedule…


OWA thinks that 10/6/2011 is Thursday in the dropdown, but also Sunday in the popup calendar!  And… now there’s only six days in a week!

This is only a problem with FireFox (3.5.9). The calendars display fine with IE 7.   But. this just started this week!


So I think I’ll just get an ice tea and head out to the deck for a while…



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