Silverlight: Useful links

Below are some of the resources I refer to in my Silverlight classes.

These include:

  • Official Sites
  • Tutorial Sites
  • Best places to ask questions (forums)
  • What’s new in Silverlight 3
  • What’s new in Silverlight 4
  • Downloads
  • Other useful links


Official Sites:


They both claim to be “the official site”!

Sites for Expression Blend:

MSDN Library for Silverlight


Tutorial Sites:



Best places to ask questions:

MSDN forums:

Silverlight.net Forums:
(As of 12/5/09: 178,572 threads and 222,975 posts, contributed by 67,146 members from around the world!)

  • http://forums.silverlight.net/default.aspx
    • Installation and Setup
    • Getting Started
    • Hosting and Streaming
    • New Features in Silverlight 3
    • Silverlight 4 Beta
    • Designing with Silverlight
    • Video and Media
    • Expression Studio
    • Programming with JavaScript
    • Programming with .NET – General
    • Silverlight Controls and Silverlight Toolkit
    • Visual Studio & Silverlight Development Tools
    • Report a Silverlight Bug
    • Accessing Web Services with Silverlight
    • Game Development
    • WCF RIA Services


What’s new in Silverlight 3:


What’s new in Silverlight 4:



Other useful links…


What percent of users actually have Silverlight installed?

Datasets and Data Tables with Silverlight:

As a .Net developer we know DataSets and DataTables, and we often deliver these via web services, but Silverlight does not directly support Datasets or Datatables. There are a few workarounds using LINQ, custom libraries and even a custom grid control…

Pushing data to Silverlight from a server

Dealing with Cross-Domain issues

About loading images (and URLs)

Silverlight to JavaScript, JavaScript to Silverlight:

 Silverlight and SharePoint

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