SharePoint Dev Class 20488 in Two Weeks


I'll be presenting the 20488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions class in two weeks, actually a week and a half (time flies!). February 16th, 2015. We've set up this class for both local and remote students. Online students will be able to view the class and have remote access to the lab computers.

Just as a little incentive, when you register enter my code of "TTN50" and get a $50 discount on the class.

Details here: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=101693

MS-20488 Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

In this 5 day instructor-led course, students learn core skills that are common to almost all SharePoint development activities. These include working with the server-side and client-side object models, developing and deploying features, solutions, and apps, managing identity and permissions, querying and updating list data, managing taxonomy, using workflow to manage business processes, and customizing the user interface.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Design and manage features and solutions.
  • Develop code for custom server-side components.
  • Manage and customize authentication and authorization.
  • Create custom sites and lists and manage the site lifecycle.
  • Explain the capabilities and design choices for SharePoint apps.
  • Use the client-side object model and the REST API.
  • Develop provider-hosted and auto-hosted SharePoint apps.
  • Distribute and deploy SharePoint apps.
  • Create custom workflows to automate business processes.
  • Use fields and content types to manage taxonomy.
  • Customize the appearance and behavior of user interface elements.
  • Customize navigation and site branding.

More details at http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=101693



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