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Creating a SharePoint governance plan, correctly, can be a real challenge as SharePoint governance is only partially about SharePoint. Because SharePoint is (too) easy to use it attracts content, user, compliance and best practices problems. Without a plan… well you know what you’ve got.

There are several approaches to creating your governance plan. One is to download one of the sample plans and do a little quick editing, and call it done! The second is to pay a consultant to write one for you, copied from their generic templates, which you can then file away and call it done. The third is to attend training to learn how you can create a proper plan unique to your company. The training I offer through MAX Technical Training is available in two formats, private training for your team, and public training. Which is best? I would recommend both. Ideally your future governance team leader(s) would first attend a public class. There they would discover the full scope of governance and learn about the issues and concerns from the other attendees, things that they had never considered . After the public training they would know enough about governance to assemble a proper governance team and schedule a private training / consulting session to start writing a proper governance plan.

The next public class is next week and there are still openings available. This is your opportunity to both discover the full scope of SharePoint content and user governance, and to learn from the experiences of other governance teams.

The next class is Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at MAX Technical Training.

MA-1040 - SharePoint Governance 2007 and 2010

For information about private governance team training contact MAX at 1-513-322-8888.



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