A New SharePoint Designer 2010 Class


SharePoint Designer 2010 Class

This week I will deliver a new SharePoint Designer 2010 class at MAX Technical Training. We reviewed all of the existing classes we could find, and none met our requirements. The problem with most SharePoint Designer classes is that they focus on SharePoint Designer the program rather than what you can do with SharePoint Designer to customize your SharePoint sites. This class focuses on getting things done!

The first offering for this class is this Thursday, 2/2/2012 and covers both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online / Office 365.

Not sure if this class is for you? Email me at image with any questions.

Here’s a partial list of the modules:

  • How SharePoint uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • How SharePoint Uses ASP.NET and SharePoint Controls and how you can tweak them
  • Creating and Customizing Pages
  • Customizing SharePoint Navigation
  • Working with SharePoint Master Pages
  • The Data View Web Part – Creating Custom Views
  • The Data View Web Part – Working with XSLT
  • The Data View Web Part – Accessing External Data
  • JavaScript and CSS Tricks!

Except for the last bullet, this list does not hint at all of the tricks and tips I’ve included from playing working with SharePoint all of these years.

Here’s a few of those tips:

  • Convert Quick Launch to a pop out menu to save space
  • How remove the Quick Launch area from a page, or put it back in those pages where Microsoft hid it
  • Customize the page’s title area to display a banner, and as a bonus, get the 2007 style full crumb trail back
  • Create custom data entry forms for lists
  • Create a custom RSS web part to display RSS feeds from other SharePoint sites
  • Show or hide content and customizations based on permissions
  • Make the Tree View useful – show only libraries, or only show subsites etc
  • and more…


Register Now!

So, if you’d like to learn how to take the next level of control of your SharePoint site, click http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=32766 and pop over to the MAX web site and sign up for this class.

Tell them Mike sent you and I’ll get you a free copy of my book or a SharePoint Designer book like this one.


MA-1083 - Sharepoint Designer 2010 - Customizing and Branding SharePoint

February 2, 2012 as MAX Technical Training



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