SharePoint 2010: What does the web part checkbox do?


Here’s a question for everyone… What does the checkbox in the web part title bar do?



In user interface design, checkboxes generally imply the ability to select more than one item at a time, but you can only check one web part at a time:



Clicking the checkbox while the page is in Edit mode does reveal the web part ribbon tab, but then so does clicking in the title bar of the web part:



The checkbox might be the hint that that web part is selected, but so does the border that’s added when you click on the title bar.



Clicking an item in a list web part checkmarks the item, highlights the time, checkmarks the web part and adds a border around the web part!




So… Why the check box?

  • Like an appendix, every web part just has one?
  • It’s was part of a planed multi-select feature that was not completed by release time?
  • It’s a secret?
  • Someone on the SharePoint team thought that it was just cool?

If you know… please post a comment below!



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