Want to be a pilot? (Shameless book plug…)


Need a last minute gift?  Always wanted to be a pilot?  Want something to read on the plane?


Timothy O'Connor, a fellow trainer at MAX Technical Training, has just completed a book for the “sport pilot” titled:

You Can Afford To Be A Pilot: How To Become A Pilot And Fly For Fun On A Middle Income Budget 

The purpose of this book is not to teach ground school or flight training, but is intended to teach the reader how to shop for these services and, once purchased, how to keep them affordable, efficient and useful. Certified FAA Instructor Timothy O’Connor uses his twenty years of experience with technical subjects and adult training to bring flying to people on a middle-income budget. Learn about the new Sport Pilot Certificate license, Ultralights, Light Sport Aircraft, Experimental Aircraft, How to pass the FAA Exams, the steps involved in learning to fly, getting the best flying lessons, how to choose instructors ( a CFI ) and more on a budget.  Read more at the links below…


By the way, Tim is a pilot, a Certified Flight Instructor and in his spare time, a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Both he and his wife own airplanes (yes, plural). 


The hardcopy version is available from Amazon:



EBook versions are available from here for $8.99:




If you run into Tim, tell him he owes me a sales commission, or at least a cup of MAX coffee…



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